Setting up a Profile

When you complete an application to a job advertised through the Elevate platform or on a job board, you will need to set up a Profile which will be created for you when upload your CV. Your Profile will be based on the information the system takes from your CV and details your experience. It should include all your relevant skills to get the best roles sent to you. You can also create a profile to receive recommendations if there is not a role suitable for you at this time.

You can maintain and keep your Profile up to date to increase your ranking within any candidate list (here is a quick guide on how to improve your chances of getting noticed).


How to set up a Profile

 You will be asked to set up a Profile when you first open an account with Elevate.

  • You can set up an account here or lick the Apply now button on an advert

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  • Enter your first name
  • Last name
  • Email address you wish your account to be associated with
  • Choose a memorable password
  • Accept the terms and conditions (click view if you wish to view these)
  • Click on Sign Up:
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  • Click on Upload Resume:

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  • Upload the CV by clicking and dragging or using one of the sources from the menu bar on the left:

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  • Follow the instructions and hit done
  • Set your Rate, Locations, agree to GDPR and confirm your email address:

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Your account and Profile are now set up and you can check your Profile by clicking the Profile button on the menu at the left hand side of your homepage:

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Please refer to the following Help Docs which will help you: Add skills to my Profile and Correcting a Profile