Steps on how to join a private talent pool on the Elevate Platform

What is a Talent Pool?

The simple answer is - a talent pool is a database of potential job candidates. These candidates have usually already expressed interest in joining the organization through applying to job openings or accepting an invite to join. Elevate provides the platform for organizations to cultivate relationships with candidates whose skills and expertise align with company competencies and values.

How can I join a Talent Pool on Elevate?

There are several ways to join a private talent pool. In this article you will find the steps on how to sign up and make sure you are on the radar of the organizations you wish to join.

Responding to a Talent Pool invite

Building a talent pool is a great way to secure high-quality candidates for job openings faster. In order to grow the number of their Talent Pool members, employers can invite candidates through Elevate to join their talent community.

  • You will receive a similar email to the below. Click on the 'Join Now' button to sign up. The full process should take about 2 minutes.

  • Enter your basic information on the next screen adding your first and last name, email address. Make sure you tick the 'Agree to Terms and Conditions' box and then hit 'Sign Up'
  • Upload your most recent CV / Resume
  • Add your desired Rates
  • Add your current location and any further ones you are willing to work in
  • Read and accept our GDPR terms

  • Finally, check your inbox for a verification email. You can either copy/paste the verification code into the sign-up page you are on or simply action the email you have rceived.

You will see the list of talent pools you have joined under the Talent Pools tab on your Elevate profile

Once all the steps within the application process have been completed, you will automatically be added to the talent pool of the organization you have applied.