How to contact a recruiter or hiring manager

You might have seen a vacancy on a traditional job board advertised by Elevate or you might have already applied to one and want to get in touch with the recruiter? IT could not be easier! Once you have submitted and completed an application you will be able to reach out to the recruiter working on this job directly from your Elevate profile.

Here's how:
  • Log into your Elevate Account here
  • Go to your Applications list and select the vacancy you would like to discuss
  • Click on the Chats tab
  • Once you added and verified your phone number on the system, you will be able to start a direct conversation with the recruiter who added the job onto the Elevate platform -

  • Click on the 'Start Employer Conversation' button
  • Add a Name to this chat and write a message to the Employer. This could be your cover letter that you can know for sure it will reach the recruiter or you can ask for further details on the job you are interested in.

What will happen next?
  • The recruiter or hiring manager will receive an email as well as an in-app notifications with your message to them
  • You will also receive an email notification with their reponse as well as prompt on your Elevate profile that you have a reply from them