You may wish to leave a Talent Pool for a number of reasons. Examples could be a change in your location, you are no longer looking for work with that Company or you accept a new position. If you do choose to leave then you will no longer be notified of any relevant positions that are published by that particular employer and you will no longer come up in any searches of the Talent Pool that a recruiter may make for a relevant vacancy.

You can opt out any time you wish to leave a Talent Pool by clicking on the Talent Pools tab on your home page, selecting the Pool you want to leave and confirming your decision from the pop-up screen.

  • Log in to your account here 
  • On the homepage you will see the screen below. Click on Talent Pools.

Image Placeholder

  • Click on the Talent Pool you wish to leave
  • Click leave this Talent Pool in the pop up box

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