How to apply to roles sent to me from Elevate

Once a new vacancy has been added to the platform, notifications are sent to highly relevant active candidates that have a matching skill set, rate, location and right to work. Recipients of these notifications, or recommendations as we call them, can quickly apply and are then visible for the recruiter or hiring manager to review.

What can I do to receive a recommendation from Elevate?

  • First of all, create your Elevate Account. You can sign up here, upload your most recent CV and fill in all the steps. The whole process will take about 2 minutes.
  • Make sure you keep your profile updated. You can add/delete or edit any pieces of work experience on your profile whenever you need to.
  • Don't forget to add your desired rate

  • Update your availabilty if anything changes in your work life
  • Make sure you add any locations you are open to work in
  • Check your inbox frequently for email from Elevate

What should I do once I received a recommendation from Elevate?

The Elevate recommendation email looks similar to this one below:

Image Placeholder

  • Click on the 'View Vacancy Details' button to view the full job description, rates, location and more!
  • If it is a role you are interested in, click on the Apply button, sign into your account and complete the application process
  • Click on the 'Not thanks' button if you consider it not a good match for you
  • We are interested in your opnion. Please use the comment box on the bottom of the page to leave your feedback, suggestions, questions you'd like to share with us

Once you log into your Elevate account, you will be able a full list of recommendations under the Recommended tab.

Click on job title to open up the full job advert and submit your application: